Brewed on a 600l kit, this is a step up in our ambitions. This is a memorable Pale Ale brewed with a load of hops. We wanted to create a really easy drinking (4.5%), very pale beer which allowed the hops to shine through. Not a boundary pushing beer but something that you'll keep returning to whilst contemplating whether you can really face another imperial stout. Have a couple of these and then move onto the impy...


Heat of Darkness

A Pale Ale inspired by my travels in Vietnam. Good carbonation lifts the striking aroma of dried Iranian limes out of the glass. The taste is balanced. Not too bitter. Not too alcoholic (a solid 5%). A clean citrus finish from the limes, a touch of lemongrass and the West Coast hops with a very subtle hint of chilli leaves you feeling refreshed and wanting more. Unfortunately, batch #1 is nearly sold out. I'll be brewing some more soon. Get the last few bottles by clicking the button below.

Good and Evil

A wonderfully dark, blackberry sour. Not too sweet, not too sour. An easy drinking introduction to sour beers, this one's a treat.