It's not about the money

Should I try and set a goal? Write a business plan? Set out what I’m trying to achieve here? I have always strived to achieve. If so, what should my goals be this time?

Money is usually the goal. And not a good one. It tends to lead to greed, selfishness and narrow mindedness. I should know. For too long, it was the only thing that mattered. 

Of course you need money to live. And you need enough to pay the bills, feed your family and put a roof over your head. But I don’t think the world needs me to continue striving for more and more money. I think it needs me to be nicer. Kinder. To continue to grow. To improve my knowledge. My self knowledge. To work to improve my community.

How much have I really learned since I left school? (The ability to write a great spreadsheet doesn’t count.) Until recently, I had hardly learned anything at all. Hardly tried anything new. Now I’ve been surfing, learned to code, tried my hand at writing, caught a travel bug and a love of beer. Is that good? Is that an improvement?

Perhaps not.
I have no job. No prospects. And an uncertain future. But I’m going to do something that I love and pour my heart and soul into it. I’m going to brew beer.

And see what happens.