Experience counts...

10,000 hours of deliberate practice. That’s all the rage these days. The answer to talent. Nobody is born a world beater. They out-work you and have done since they were kids.

And I happen to believe this.

The problem is that I’ve never brewed beer before. Never experimented with airing cupboard demijohns in my youth. And while it’s not a complicated process (beer has been made for thousands of years, after all). I firmly believe that experience counts. It’s part art, part science.

So, how to short cut the learning curve? How to ensure I don’t make alcoholic horse piss?
The first thing I’m going to do is to brew constantly. On my pilot kit. It’s a small set up, only 20L. But it’s for practice, not for commerce. It’s to help me get closer to my 10,000 hours. Churn out a new beer every week. Bottle it. Send it out to my wide circle of friends / tasters / locals. Get feedback and use that feedback to make changes and improve.

My long-awaited pilot kit - a Williams Warn personal brewery - arrives tomorrow. I discovered it when I was travelling around New Zealand earlier this year. I visited their factory and ordered one then and there. It’s a remarkable bit of kit. And I hope it’s one more element in the journey towards professional brewer.