Life's too short

A good friend of mine is lying in hospital today. A friend for over twenty years. He had a heart attack yesterday whilst running a half marathon. He’s one of the fittest people I know.

I can’t concentrate on anything.

All I know is that he’s sedated. And in intensive care.

I know I’m not alone. All his friends are doing exactly the same as me right now. Hoping. Wishing for good news. And struggling to do anything else.

God knows what his family are going through.

But it does give me pause. A smack to the head reminder of the old cliché about life being too short.

Too short to be in the office at weekends.
Too short to be away from your kids for long - missing out on them growing up.
Too short to be spending your time with people you don’t really like.
Too short to be working somewhere, doing something that you don’t love.