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 Mock ups of my crowler cans

Mock ups of my crowler cans

I've ordered a canning machine from the guys at Oskar Blues in North Carolina. They call it a Crowler - a combination of a can and a growler.

They use it for customers to take home fresh beer from their brewery and bars. You fill it straight from the draft tap and seal it then and there at the bar. I'm a big believer in cans to keep beer as fresh as possible and they're so much easier to transport.

I'm going to use these oversized cans for my samples, at least initially. To send out to potential customers and to get feedback from my tribe of early adopters - you lot out there! If you're interested, please get in touch.

The machine and cans come from the US and should be here in 6 weeks or so. I'll post a photo when it gets here. (And no, there isn't yet a Picklebarrel Porter, though it sounds interesting...)