Travel is a journey

I’ve never done much travelling. At least not for pleasure. I've been sent across the world at ungodly hours of the day for some pointless meeting or other, at the whim of others.

But travel just for the hell of it. That, I haven’t done. Until now, that is.

240 days away from home. Two hundred and forty days living out of a suitcase. Living large. From hotel to hotel. Like a rock star on some global tour. Only with my wife. And kids. Fewer groupies. Less drinking. And, I suspect, quite a bit less sex.

Nonetheless, it was an amazing trip. As you’d hope it would be. I met lots of people, saw some amazing sights and it gave me a chance to stop and think. Though thanks must go to my kids for trying to limit that precious thinking time.

So what did I learn? The world is a very big place. No shit.

There are lots of people out there trying to do their thing. Same as you. Trying to survive. To explore. To have fun. To make friends. The world is too big to get to know it all. But it’s definitely worth trying to see some of it. To forget about the everyday for a bit.

But time is short. Too short to spend doing things you don’t enjoy. Spending time with friends you don’t really like. Working with people who don’t care for you. It’s worth making sure that you’re surrounded by your top team. True friends. Close family. They’re the ones who make the effort.

As part of this enlightenment, I decided that when I got back I wouldn't get a job. Not a proper job at least. I would start a business. Create something. Something I've come to love. Something a lot of people love. Beer. 

I've seen so many happy people with a beer in their hand. And I wanted to do something that made people happy.

So I decided to start a brewery.